Cloud base deployment through AWS(Amazon WorkSpace)

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We are here to discuss about cloud base deployment through AWS(Amazon WorkSpace) from our on-premises network.

We have use Octopus Deploy for years on our on-premises network on only Windows Servers and with .NET code. Now we have few projects for AWS(Amazon WorkSpace) and I’m confused about how we can continue to make use of Octopus in cloud environment.

Amazon WorkSpace has been installed in desktop class machine. Valid user name and password provided to Amazon WorkSpace tool to connect to terminal server (TS).
Once we logged in to terminal server then we take RDP to UAT and Production machine.
All the above process take place through manual intervention of user. Now we want to automate this process through octopus deploy tool .

Please suggest, how can we implement the same things using OCTOPUS deploy tool?

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Ayan Biswas

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The method that you use to connect remotely to the machine shouldn’t impact how it interacts with Octopus at all. It still needs to be treated the same way as any other deployment target.
So, a tentacle (listening or polling depending on your requirements) will need to be installed on there, and the relevant firewall and/or proxy would need configuring to allow the tentacle to communicate with the Octopus Server on the correct port.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction; let me know if you have any further questions.

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