Cloned server is showing up as a duplicate

I cloned a virtual server that already had a functioning tentacle.

Now the second (cloned) server is showing up as a duplicate, and cannot be deployed to. How do I resolve this? I even tried completely re-installing the tentacle on the cloned server, and it still comes up with the same thumbprint!

What’s the correct way to straighten this out?


Thanks for getting in touch! You will need to regenerate the certificate on the tentacle.
In an elevated command prompt go to: C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle
running tentacle.exe help new-certificate will guide you through creating a new certificate, which the thumbprint is linked to, and thus a new thumbprint.
You should then be able to update this machine with the new thumbprint.

Uninstalling a tentacle only removes the service, and registry information, it does not delete any data, so would not have helped.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, “tentacle.exe help new-certificate” just lists the commands, but did not walk me through how to complete the task:

Usage: Tentacle new-certificate []

Where [] is any of:

–instance=VALUE Name of the instance to use
-b, --if-blank Generates a new certificate only if there is none
-e, --export-file=VALUE Exports a new certificate to the specified file
as unprotected base64 text, but does not save it

                           to the Tentacle configuration; for use with the
                           import-certificate command


So anyway I went ahead and executed the command “tentacle.exe new-certificate” and got the following result:

Octopus Deploy: Tentacle version

A new certificate has been generated and installed. Thumbprint:

However, the tentacle still has the old thumbprint, even after deleting the instance and re-installing!

Kindly send explicit step by step instructions on how to install the new Thumbprint. Thanks!


Okay so the step that is missing is to stop and start the server so the tentacle can register the new certificate.
Please see my screenshot. Stopping and starting the service around the new certificate will allow it to be picked up by the Tentacle. Be sure to close the Tentacle manager prior to completing these steps.
My screenshot will only work based on assumptions like its a single tentacle instance on that machine.

As a side note I initially read this as a mistake, IE you cloned the VM and it had Tentacle but that was not your intention, but you wanted to get it working anyway.
If you see the following documentation (and as you have probably figured out by now) it is a lot of effort to ‘fix’ a cloned tentacle instance. The following documentatation page has a note about cloning Tentacles, how to if you need to, or the alternative to automating tentacle installs:



Thanks for the additional information. At the end of the day the only sequence that seemed to work for me was as follows:

tentacle --new-certificate --export-file=VALUE
tentable --import-certificate --from-file=VALUE

and including your start/stop commands would therefore yield the following:

tentacle --service --stop
tentacle --new-certificate --export-file=VALUE
tentable --import-certificate --from-file=VALUE
tentacle --service --start