Chocolatey Version is still at 3.4.1

Hi! Is there a reason that the 3.4.4 Octopus package hasn’t been approved? We have a scheduled task on our Octopus server that runs choco to grab the latest version and it hasn’t pulled since 3.4.1.


Yes. Please approve both 3.4.3 and 3.4.4


Thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like Chocolatey have changed the requirements for their automated validation tests so it now requires a checksum to be able to verify that the downloaded file matches what we created.

I’ve put it to the team, and we’ll work on getting a fix out for that as soon as we can.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you and warm regards,

We tried to provide notice ahead of time. We sent that email to whatever email is registered as the maintainer for Octopus deploy. That doesn’t necessarily mean the right folks received it. It looks like Paul is the email that is registered for that.

Have a look and have the right folks join the mailing list -

We are working on a way to provide better notice to maintainers and the above list is how we’ve determined to do that. It’s harder for folks when the maintainer emails go to outdated locations (I’m guessing Paul is no longer the right person that should receive these emails). You may want to followup with also logging into the chocolatey account and updating the email address there as well.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for letting us know, I’ve now subscribed our general email so anyone in the company has access to these kinds of announcements!



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