Chocolately Does Not Contain 2021.3.X


Is there a timeline or a way in which I can install Octopus Deploy 2021.3.x using Chocolatey?

Right now, 2021.3.x is not uploaded to the Chocolatey page. Chocolatey Software | Octopus Deploy - Server 2021.2.7697

Our server uses an ASG and something like this to install the Octopus Server on new nodes:

choco install octopusdeploy -y --version "2021.2.7697" --install-directory "D:\octopus"

This is not working with version 2021.3.x

Thank you.

Hi @paul.benoit

Thanks for reaching out, and for the great question. We’ve had some issues with pushing our packages to Chocolatey with their new virus scanning solution. Currently, any package over 200 megabytes has to go into a manual moderation queue, which has a very long backlog, requiring manual intervention on both our side and Chocolatey’s. You can find more details of this on this issue on the Choco repo.

We’re unsure of any progress and changes being made on Chocolatey’s end to allow these larger files to be uploaded and handled in an automated fashion, but we hope that this can be resolved as quickly as possible to resume our availability on the site.

I hope this helps clarify this scenario, and please let us know if you have any further questions.

That does help, thank you!

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