Check target health task stuck?

We noticed the past 3 deployments did deploy so I checked and they all had the ‘Check target health task’ running for a couple of days. I cant cancel them as they just sit there? We need a deployment!


Hi @developers,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Would you be able to attach/private message me the logs for those hung health checks along with the server logs and tentacle logs so I can take a look? To get the system logs you can go to Configuration->Diagnostics then click Download System Diagnostics Report.

A lot of times this issue will get resolved if you attempt to cancel the health check, then restart the tentacle service on the affected machines that are hung up.

As you are a cloud customer I could log in and take a look at the logs if you would prefer that, but we require explicit permission to do that for security and privacy reasons. I might still need tentacle logs in this case as I cant access those.

Please let me know.


I have attached the logs here from the tentacle (I dont have diagnostics in my config section on the istance), and you have permission to take a look at the cloud instance. We just need it running :slight_smile: (191.1 KB)

For visibility to other users:
This ticket was resolved in private messages. The resolution was the server had to be restarted(reprovisioned) to clear out the cancelling task.

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