Changing screen resolution using tentacle


We’re running some Selenium tests on a tentacle machine and we would like to be able to control the screen resolution. When tentacle is executing, the resolution is 1024x768 while I would like it to be 1920x1080 (this is the default resolution I get when connecting to machine using RDP). I tried running powershell command Set-DisplayResolution -Width 1920 -Height 1080 but that didn’t seem to change anything. Any ideas?

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Hi Justas,

Thanks for reaching out. Screen resolution is something that can only be modified from Interactive sessions (logged into the server). During the deployments Octopus runs all the processes/steps through a service in an un-interactive session, so I’m 99% sure this is not possible.

That remaining 1% is because of my lack of knowledge about Selenium, so I absolutely recommend you to ask around in a forum from that Technology, as I’m pretty sure this is a rather common question. Perhaps there’s a way in selenium to make the tests think they are running in 1920x1080, without actually setting that at the OS level.

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