Change the task timeout for a manual task


Is there a way to change the timeout when the deployment is paused waiting for a manual task to complete?


Hi Thomas,

Are you waiting for someone to click ‘proceed’ on a manual step? There’s no time out for this currently as far as I am aware.


Hi Paul,

Yup, it was waiting for someone to press “Proceed” on a manual step which was pressed after about 15 minutes. It was after the button was pressed that the deployment was then marked as “Timed Out”.

The following error was reported afterwards:
“The task was queued, but the Octopus Server process did not attempt to execute the task in a timely fashion. Please verify that the Octopus Server process is running, and check the event log for any errors.”

There was nothing in the logs after this entry:

Success: Step 23: Check for errors
2013-07-11 01:41:08 INFO   Pausing the deployment for manual intervention

The step is marked as approved, but the final step, 24, has not executed.


Thanks for the update, I think this might be a bug in the way we calculate whether a deployment has timed out; I’ll investigate and fix it in the next release.


Hi Paul,

Is there a way to increase this timeout value ?
In our environment we might want to wait 24 hours or more before approvers can look into the build and allow proceed…

Please reply asap…


We are using version “Octopus Deploy” and we got “Timed out” on manual intervention during deployment after approx 15-30 minutes. Is the a way to disable or change this?

Hi Mark,

The manual intervention timeout is set at quite a large value (a week from memory) - 15-30 minutes shouldn’t happen. Could you attach a full deployment log?


Hi Paul,
Deployment log?
Do you mean the content from the web site where you normally see what happened during deployment?
There is no log there. (see image below)

I managed to locate log from “D:\Octopus\OctopusServer\ActivityLogs”, it is attached.
Below is the image showing the time of the “timed out” deployment.



Did you notice my other email query about approving manual intervention, only working for a single user.
Event admin cannot assign and approve this deployment. I thought admins can do anything.

ServerTasks-11196.txt (4 KB)


Just letting you know I tried to replicate the “timed out” but could not, I waited over an hour for manual approval.
I suspect the user performing the deployment yesterday caused the “timed out”, but I am not sure how :frowning:

Hi Mark,

What I am seeing from those logs is that the manual intervention kicked off and then 2 minutes later a cancellation was requested. Unfortunately currently if Octopus cannot cleanly cancel the task it needs a forced cancellation. So it does appear that it then timed out on cancellation not on manual intervention.


Thank you for clarifying the cause of the “timed out” deployment
At the time I did not know the user cancelling the deployment would cause the “timed out” condition.