Certificate variables scoped to a step report as duplicates?


I have certificate variables scoped to a step in my project.
To be sure that these certificates are only going to a specific host env etc their scope is also to a given environment, role and target
The variable name is definitely unique. (this occurs for every certificate variable I scope in this fashion)

The problem is, for both the certificate variable, and the sub variables that it expands to i get the following warning being generated.

You have a duplicate variable ‘…PrivateKey’ between the Step Template used in the ‘Internal key store’ step and your Project or Variable Sets in use. Be aware that the latter will prevail over the values entered on the step.
To log this warning as verbose instead, add the ‘OctopusSuppressDuplicateVariableWarning’ variable to your project with a value of ‘true’.

I see I can suppress it - but i don’t want to suppress these warnings in case I do introduce a duplicate somehow.

Am i misunderstanding the scoping rules or is this a bug ?
I don’t think that when the certs are scoped only to the project that this occurs but will confirm - but doing that wouldn’t really be a workaround for me with my current design

I’m on 3.17.2 - this was also occuring on I think 3.16.2 (which I think was the version we just upgraded from) - which are the only two versions I’ve used certificate variables with

Hi Alister,

Thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the delay in getting this response to you!

Unfortunately it appears that you have run into a bug, as any variable that is scoped to a role triggers that warning. As soon as you remove the role scoping the warning disappears.

I have raised GitHub issue 3819 for this bug, feel free to follow the issue so you are notified when the fix is included in a production release (at a guess this should be tomorrow).

Also, you were right that this warning is fairly new, it was introduced in 3.16.1. Prior to this version these warnings were only logged as verbose messages.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with,