Can't connect to a tentacle on a new Azure VM

We have dozens of tentacles installed on various instances of Windows server, but there’s one I’m struggling to get working.
I have an Azure VM installed using the ‘new’ Resource Model. Tentacle 2.6 is installed, and listening on port 10933. The tentacle added a firewall rule to the Windows Firewall. The VM has an azure network interface using an azure Network Security Group, and I’ve added a rule for Ocopus Deply: Source Any, Destination Any, Service Custom (TCP/10933), Allow.

No matter what I do I cannot connect to the tentacle on port 10933.

But, if I follow the exact same procedure, but configure the tentacle to listen on port 8080, add a windows firewall rule for port 8080, and an Azure NSG rule for port 8080 it works??

I guess this is more of an Azure question, but has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour on a Azure Resource model VM?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have hit a similar issue myself with an Azure VM installed using the new Resource Model. I had some ports that worked and some that didn’t. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a solution for this. That said, I don’t think I can offer much help on this issue. I did find the following StackOverflow post on the topic but I’m assuming you’ve already done this.

I think your best bet would be to contact Azure support to find out why it’s not working. They have the expertise and tools to help figure out why it’s not working. If you do find a solution, can I ask that you share it here as I think other people in the community would benefit from it.

Thanks again!