Can't access uploaded zip files in Library

I have a brand new version of Octopus installed yesterday (3.16.4) and I’m unable to do anything with the files in my library that I upload either from TeamCity or manually. Once I upload a file, it is shown in the Library just fine, but when I click on the download icon I get a Not found page ‘The package XXX was not found in the index of the built-in package repository’. If I try to delete the package from the UI I get a similar message Any idea why this is happening?

Just to add a comment into my previous post (did not find a way to edit it), I just tried to do the same with NuGet packages (i.e. upload and then try to download) and they seem to work fine. The problem is only with Zip files.

Ok I managed to solve the problem. The issue was with the naming of my file rather than having anything to do with the extension. The name I had given to my file was: which is an issue with Octopus. However, file. works fine. (i.e. the ‘-’ was what broke the file).

I think if the internal implementation of Octopus relies on the file being named in a very specific way, it needs to be clear at the time you try to upload it, that the format is incorrect rather than silently accepting it and then failing when you try to manipulate it.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch here! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Correct, Octopus uses SemVer versioning for its packages. The use of - in this case is used to define a pre-release package. So by naming your package file-, Octopus is parsing this as package name file-1(file pre-release 1 defined with the -) version 0.0.0, which is not legal in SemVer as your version can not have leading 0. The following documentation page has all the relevant information about SemVer package versioning.

This is linked to at the bottom of the “Supported Packages” page which we link to on the packages page. However, I feel that this page could be made more accessible and easier to find. So I’m going to see what I can do about this. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions here.

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