Cant access 'Accounts' due to timeout


(tim.poth) #1

On 2018.2.5
We can currently NOT access any accounts on the Accounts page due to a timeout error

Exception occured while executing a reader for SELECT * FROM dbo.[DeploymentProcess] WHERE ([JSON] LIKE @accid) ORDER BY [Id] SQL Error -2 - Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The wait operation timed out

In digging in we found that it takes 30 to 40 seconds for the query to respond back and brings back around 540mb of data. It looks like the timeout is 1min and I guess processing the data is also takeing 30+ seconds. The table currently is at 3479 rows. We are looking at our retention and where we can tighten up but as we add more projects to octopus (currently 232) I feel we are going to run in to this again. Maybe searching through the json isn’t scalable?

(Ben Pearce) #3

Hi Tim,

Sorry you are having this issue.
I have logged a GitHub issue for this.

We will be looking at this as a priority, and should have a fix out soon.


(tim.poth) #4

Thanks Ben!

(Ben Pearce) #5

Hi Tim,

There is an partial fix to the account edit page performance which allows the page to load without blocking due to the long running Account Usages data. This fix is available in version 2018.2.7.
There will be an additional change coming in a future patch release to improve the performance of the underlying Sql query.


(tim.poth) #6

Thanks Ben, well update soon (tonight?) and ill let you know if we still have problems.