Cannot uncheck Checkbox variables

(James) #1

I have various ‘Checkbox’ type variables I use for tenant deployments, and it seems I cannot uncheck/unset them anymore with Octopus 4.0.6. When I try, they simply show up as checked the next time I visit the tenant variable screen.

I tried to bind the variable to a static value (in this case, false), and it seems I can only ever have the value as blank or ‘true’. If I try typing anything in, it only ever says true, and it does not even let me put another variable into that field.

It does seem that if I ‘bind’ the variable and clear out the contents, it will save it as unchecked, but this is a temporary workaround at best.

(Pawel Pabich) #2

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! I believe this bug is fixed in 4.0.7. Can you upgrade to the latest version of Octopus and check whether this fixes your problem?



(James) #3

Heh, just one patch version behind. Indeed it does fix the issue. Thanks!

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