Can’t create release on channels that are beyond the first 30 results

Can’t create release on channels that are beyond the first 30 results. It appears that due to pagination, channels are not accessible if there are more than 30 of them. The channels are created, but when creating a release that uses them, they are not available from the dropdown. Consequently, the teamcity plugin or octo.exe can’t create them either. I was able to create the release through the api but it screws up the gui. The overview doesn’t display, and the names in the releases are {{name}}. In the web console the error is "Cannot read property ‘Name’ of undefined”

My assumption is that the issue stems from pagination due to octo.exe and the teamcity plugin using the project & channel name. Since this is not an identifying value, it most likely will perform a lookup to get the id’s. The lookup can only see the first 30 values so anything beyond that does not exist.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch! You have no idea how timely and fantastic this report is!
We have had reports of automatic release creation breaking with this error, and we were not able to replicate it. After creating 30+ channels I was finally able to recreate the errors!

Here is the GitHub issue I have created that you can track:

Thanks for the excellent timing and the assist!