Can not connect new nodes with hydra

I tried to move over an environment to oct 3.0 and I can not get the old nodes to connect to the server. I keep getting the following error

The service was upgraded successfully and was configured but the healthcheck keeps failing.

Hi Brent,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with Tentacles not reconnecting after upgrading to 3.0.

What version of Octopus have you got running (I’m assuming you followed this upgrade guide Could you please send through the raw log from the health check which is failing it may provide us with some more clues as to what is going wrong.

Also, could you try to restart the Tentacle service on the servers that are not connecting after the upgrade (if there’s not too many of them)?

Thank you and warm regards,

Sorry was in such a rush I forgot to actually provide much more information. Yes I did follow the guide up until step 5. I am running Octopus deploy 3.0.11 on my 3.0 host, and 2.6.4 on the 2.6 host. The hydra version was 3.0.10 and I verified it had installed the 3.0 tentacle and started. I then restarted that tentacle several times and also verified that I could see the tentacle from the new host so its not a network problem either. From the health check I father this extra piece of information:

An error occurred when sending a request to 'https://<hostname>:10933/', before the request could begin: Unable to process remote identity; unknown identity type: 'HTTP/1.0'

and also this

An error occurred when sending a request to 'https://<hostname>:10933/', before the request could begin: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Hi Brent,

Thanks for that extra information, can I also ask if the Tentacles are configured in Listening or Polling mode? We know of a bug when trying to update Polling Tentacles




They are currently setup as listening tentacles. We do not have any polling tentacles configured.

Thanks for helping!

Hi Brent,

Thanks for that, I’ll discuss with the team and see what we can find.