Can I somehow backup all my variables and sets?

Recently we had to restructure our variables, many of them shared accross projects.

Since we can’t just create a new “branch” of octopus’ settings, we had to rename/fix/change variables which are also used in production environments.

This felt like a suboptimal way of working after knowing the benefits of version control. Is there a way to safely change/switch all the variables of an octopus installation?


Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately it’s not currently possible in a first-class way to version control your variables and variable sets. This has been suggested up on our UserVoice site, which I’d suggest throwing some votes/comments to.

However, it is currently possible to version your variables using source control and Octopus data migration. You could store these exported JSON files in source control, but keep in mind that sensitive variables will be encrypted.

Additionally, you can download as JSON the variables as they are in a specific project by using the Download as JSON feature located in the overflow menu in your project’s Variables tab.

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions moving forward.

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