Can I add script module to Octopus project using API?

Hi I have several questions regarding config substitution:
Is there any possibility to add script module to Octopus project using API?
Also I need to add some post deploy script to deployment process using api. I successfully added feature which turn on ability for adding custom scripts, and also added setting :
Key: Octopus.Action.CustomScriptsConfig.PostDeploy.ps1
Value: Substitute-Octopus-Config
And result is that this script is displayed with content when I’m querying API but it’s not displayed in UI. Can I solve this somehow?

Hi Max,

Thanks for getting in touch. Octopus is build API-first, meaning anything the Web UI can do, you can automate through the API. I don’t think getting in to specifics is going to help you get everything done. My recommendation is that you use Fiddler or Chrome DevTools to watch the HTTP API traffic. This way you can drive the Web UI and watch how it does what you want, and then write your automation scripts to do the same thing.

Some other suggestions:

Hope that helps!

Ok thanks!