Bypass environment selection?

Current version: 3.3.6
Target deployment is running against : 2008R2
Manner of deployment: URL shortcut on desktop

I’d like to reduce the amount of clicks (bear with me on this) in a specific deployment. Picture if you will:

  • We have an application which will occasionally barf errors at the user, halting productivity until a fix is applied
  • The user needs to open a ticket and wait for a tech to reply
  • All the tech does is recycle some app pools on the server
  • Productivity is restored

Octopus handles this issue fantastically. I created a ‘deployment’ and a specific lifecycle just for this problem. I made a release, then made a desktop shortcut to this release and now when I see a ticket come in:

  1. I click the shortcut
  2. The lifecycle window appears with the only environment, and I choose it
  3. I click deploy

OK, for now why you’re bearing with me. There’s been requests to let some of the “power users” use this shortcut to reduce delay between issue notice and issue resolution. The question is: can we do anything to bypass/eliminate/etc #2 above? The lifecycle only has one environment- can that be chosen by default? Ideally, the desire here is that the person double clicks this shortcut, and they don’t have to choose a lifecycle or even click deploy now. Those options are assumed by clicking the shortcut.

I’ve been reading about ClickOnce and that MIGHT work but honestly, it’ll require more work than just asking this question here and perhaps finding a simpler way.

I appreciate your time.


Thanks for getting in touch! That’s great to hear Octopus is handling a lot of this nicely already. :slight_smile:

To bypass #2 and automatically select which environment to deploy to, this would require some scripting against the API. We have a great API wiki page, including some example code in different languages, which should provide you with a good starting point.

I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions going forward.

Kind regards,