By mistake deleted the permissions of everyone group

Hi Octopus team,

We were trying to manage and make changes in team permissions as part of implementing the access restrictions. We deleted the permissions of the team ‘Everyone’ as we have enough privileges enabled in some other groups. Now we are not able to access our space in Octopus. Could you please help with this?


Hey Arun,

Thanks for reaching out. Is this a cloud instance or an on-premise instance? If it is cloud, can you please DM me the URL and the permission to log in and take a look?


Hi Jeremy,

We figured out how to fix this permission issue. Added the team as managers from the space tab. Thank you for looking into it and you can close this ticket now.


Hey @arun.raj,

Just jumping in for Jeremy as he will be online later as part of our US based team, great news adding the team as Octopus Managers from the space tab has resolved this issue for you, I will let Jeremy know he helped!

Reach out in future if you need anything further as we are always on hand to help!

Kind Regards and Happy Deployments,

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