Bundling several releases into one?


My manager would like that we can bundle several project releases into “one” package.

E.g. we have 3 projects:

In a single operation (and controlled like you would normally do a single project) we would like to create a bundled release with e.g. version 1.0.7

Inside this package we would like e.g.
Project A - 0.0.32
Project B - 0.0.4
Project C - 1.1.8

When deploying this “bundled package” with release number 1.0.7, then 0.0.32 Project A and 0.0.4 Project B and 1.1.8 Project C would be released.

I do not see any immediate options in Octopus for this, but am currently investigating to e.g. create a new project called “Bundled Release Project” where I simply use octo.exe to launch the releases, and then control versioning etc. via variables.

Please advice thanks :slight_smile:

Kind Regards


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reaching out. Having different versions of different projects on the same package is really not a scenario Octopus was built for. But nothing should stop you from tweaking your build process to build this “Single package” that contains all your projects, and then deploying it as usual from Octopus.

The process in Octopus might get a bit tricky as you won’t be able to have 1 Package deploy step per project where you can decide the drop folder. You’ll simply have 1 drop place where the 3 projects will be extracted, and then you’ll have to somehow script the copying of these 3 projects to their respective folders.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply, We will investigate further our options for a “Wrapper” project, that could trigger a number of sub releases.