Build Octopack package in separate build step TeamCity [OD 2.0 Beta]

Hi there,

I want to achieve the following scenario:

  1. Teamcity Builds Solution building a set of artifacts I want to deploy
  2. Teamcity then makes some additions to the artifacts
  3. Teamcity runs Tests etc
  4. Teamcity Packages up the artifacts with octopack

I dont know if this is possible at present?



Hi James,

This can’t be done with OctoPack (OctoPack needs to work with a C#/VB project) but you could have TeamCity push the artifacts around, and then use TeamCity’s NuGet Package runner to produce the NuGet package. You’ll just have to provide a .nuspec file.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Paul, I am using a .nuspec file anyway so that should be fine :slight_smile: