Build Information Work Items missing

I can’t see what I’ve missed with this.

Source code is in GitHub
Build is done by TeamCity.

We were using Jira & build Info worked fine - tickets mentioned in commits were shown as work items.

We’ve just migrated to Azure DevOps & build info work items don’t work.

I’ve followed the docs:

  • PAT setup in Azure Dev Ops with read on build, work items, project & team
  • issue tracker added to Teamcity & it recognises commits & work items
  • issue tracker added to Octopus & it does not recognise work items

We mention in commits work items using the documented format of AB#99999. I’ve also tried just #99999 just in case, but that didn’t work either.

The url added in the connection in Octopus is Clicking test says it works

I’ve removed & disabled the Jira issue trackers from TeamCity & Octopus in case that was causing issues. That made no difference either.

Hi @Simon_Halsey,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately Octopus will only consider AzureDevops WorkItems if the BuildEnvironment value is Azure Devops also so it’s not currently possible to use other build servers like TeamCity/Jenkins with Azure WorkItems.

This is only really shown in the graphic on the Azure Devops WorkItems doc page, which isn’t very clear so I’ll get a note added about it also:
Octopus Azure DevOps integration - how it works diagram

Feel free to reach out with any questions at all!

Best Regards,

That is disappointing. Any plans to change this in the future? I don’t suppose there’s any way to work around this either.

Hey @Simon_Halsey,

Just jumping in for Finnian as he is currently off shift as part of our Australian based team, I understand having the ability to use Azure Dev Ops Workitems in Octopus from other build servers is something that would be beneficial to you.

I can ask our engineers about this but I doubt we have any plans to implement it at the moment, I can also ask them if there would be any workarounds but we obviously specialise in Octopus, whilst we know a lot about the other build servers we integrate with we do not use them daily so I am not sure if we would have played around with them enough to know any workarounds. I can always ask though.

We do have a features requests page on our Octopus Roadmap (click on the ‘Submit an Idea’ button on the right hand side of the roadmap page).

If you could pop this request in there for us our engineers will see it and possibly consider making it a feature within Octopus!

I will get back to you with what our engineers say but submitting it on our roadmap page would be the first step in order for us to see if we could have it as a feature.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the update. Obviously, I’d hoped for something better. If you can think of anyway of working around this limitation, I’d be interested in hearing it


Hey @Simon_Halsey,

Thanks for getting back to us, I took a look at the slack threads I have posted up for this and unfortunately none of our Solutions engineers know of any workarounds.

Our product manager did say that it looks like there was an explicit reason we only used ADO in the past so she has added an item to their backlog to see whether this is still valid and if we can expand the offering, and if we were to do that, what it would entail.

So it looks like we do not know of any workarounds, but we may be able to offer something in the future. I will say though, there does not seem to be much appetite for this from other customers as this seems to be the first query surrounding this so it wont be a priority to get this feature in quickly if we are able to implement it.

I just wanted to be honest there as if we are able to offer it it would depend on the complexity of adding it to Octopus as to how long this would take to come out and be available to you to use.

I am sorry I do not have a better outcome for you on this, if I hear anything from our product manager on a decision for if we can make this an Octopus feature I will update this thread but in the meantime if you have not done so already, pop an idea in on the roadmap so its visible to our engineers.

Kind Regards,

Can i suggest making it clearer in the documentation that the integration only works when you use Azure Devops to do the build?

It might save other people wasted effort looking into it.

I notice the server extensibility says it’s deprecated, so I assume building my own plugin is out of the question as well.

Hi @Simon_Halsey,

Sorry for the delay with this, a recent change to our documentation meant it took me a little longer to get it added: added warning about azure workitems and other build envs by FinnianDempsey · Pull Request #1905 · OctopusDeploy/docs · GitHub

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a workaround, I’ve even tried to manually modify the BuildInformation BuildEnvironment value to Azure Devops but it still didn’t work so I don’t believe a custom plugin would be able to get around this.

We are definitely considering adding this depending on how much interest we see for it, so definitely submit it to our Roadmap if you haven’t already!

Feel free to reach out with any questions at all!

Best Regards,

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