[Bug?] FQDN's not being registered

Hey All,

This weekend I span up another environment to deploy to a completely different domain.

It was here that I ran into the issue of the automatic registering of tentacles to the server having conflicts with existing machines. It seems that when a machine is registered to the Octopus server the FQDN isn’t passed but just the host name?

E.g. if you have WebA in Environment Alpha, and then made WebA in Environment Beta it won’t register unless supplying the -force command.

The work around was to rename all the machines in our environment (Both the name and the tentacle URL)


Yes, when you use automatic registration the URL is derived from the hostname.

You can pass --name and --publicHostname during the registration to specify what URL to use - you could then append the environment or use the FQDN.


Hey Paul,

Thanks for the pointing me in the right direction, it took a few attempts to get the --publicHostname right.

$Sys = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem
$FQDN = “{0}.{1}” -f $Sys.Name, $Sys.Domain

.\Tentacle.exe register-with --server=https://my.server.com --environment=QA --apikey=1ONE2TWO3THREE4FOUR5FIVE --name=$FQDN --publicHostname=$FQDN

I have to ask, why isn’t this the default behavior for the tentacle registration?