Brower UI semver.js Object doesn't support this property or method

Is there any way to prevent this JS error in the UI for the latest drop of Octopus deploy? I suspect its preventing me from accessing the healthcheck and upgrade tentacle buttons on the environment tab.

Object doesn’t support this property or method semver.js?v=, line 32 character 5

I am stuck on IE8.0.7601.17514 on a clients machine.

Actually the upgrade access was because of the user I was logged in as, the JS error still exists

Thanks Nikolai, I’ll work out why that error is happening and fix it in the next release.


This should be fixed in this release:


Thanks for the quick turn around.

With minor updates how do you suggest applying? Just backup and install the latest installer over the top?

That’s right - you can perform a backup from the Storage tab under Configuration.

There’s an upgrade guide here: