Best practice for server provisioning and website deployment

I am just wondering if it is recommended to provision infrastructure using Terraform and deploy to IIS in the same project or use two separate projects.

I have got the project to re-trigger when the server comes online however it goes through the terraform steps again.

Even though they don’t do anything the next time around, it would be nice to skip these steps.

What is the best way to achieve this?



Thanks for getting in touch. This all depends on what your objective is or what may be going wrong / not-ideally. Sometimes splitting things out into separate projects helps, sometimes it just makes it more difficult.

Is the objective to just not run the Terraform steps when you don’t need to? If so is it possible those steps perform a series of checks against the infrastructure and then proceed to “succeed with no action required”.

Would you mind sharing more details on your deployment process steps and your objectives / concerns?


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