Bamboo add-on - Create Release task triggers Release Deployment

I originally logged this here:

I have used the Bamboo/Octopus add-on and added the following tasks to my job:
Pack Package
Push Package
Create Release

But when the plan runs, it is automatically deploying my project! I do not have any automatic deployment triggers set up, all i want is a new release ready for deployment.

It may be related, the descriptions on the tasks are duplicated as well. (see attached) Perhaps the labels are mismatched also? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Would appreciate it if you could help. I can post logs etc if required.


Hi Rohin, thanks for reaching out.

Can you provide a copy of the bamboo logs for your plan? This will show us the Octopus CLI commands that are being run, and will help us narrow down the issue.

Matt C

Hi Matthew. I can get the logs, but if you could first bear with me a moment…

In your own documentation here:

The screenshot for ‘Create Release’ contains an option to “show deployment progress”

The screenshot for ‘Create Deployment’ contains an option to deploy to a comma separated list of environments. The default is listed as “Leave empty to create a release without deploying it”.

I’m going to try using the Create Deployment task to create a release, as I think these tasks might be mixed up, and it looks like that might work!

Nope. That didn’t work as I’d hoped.

Although the text says “Leave empty to create a release without deploying it”, the field is mandatory. How does that work?

Hi Rohin,

My apologies, that text in the create deployment step is incorrect. I’ll fix that up.

The Bamboo addon is only a wrapper over the Octopus CLI tool. The options exposed through the Bamboo UI are passed into the corresponding actions and arguments in the CLI.

Create a deployment runs the deploy-release action on the CLI (, and the environments are mandatory for that command.

The create release step runs the create-release action on the CLI ( This action has the optional ability to also deploy to an environment (via the --deployto argument).

So create-release can also optionally deploy, but deploy-release can not create a release.

Matt C

Thanks Matt. I see my mistake now, when it was auto-deploying it was because i had an envvironment listed in my Create Release step. I should have read the fine print better.