Azure Web Apps Deployment Targets

We are currently moving our apps that used to run on a Docker EC2 server into Azure as web apps on App Services. We only used to have a deployment target per Server, now I’m having to add a target per web app. Problem is we will have around 30 web apps.

I saw somewhere we can use the API, and I’m guessing I can disable and enable the targets in the deployment process ?

Is there any chance this will change moving forward ? Maybe one deployment target per App Services rather than each web app in app services ?

Ahh, I see you have a blog post from yesterday that covers this.

Hi @JamesH

Thanks for your question!

Yes, we published a post yesterday about changes to the way we discover targets in Octopus as part of an improvement to our dynamic infrastructure offering.

I’d recommend providing feedback on the issue:

If you have any specific questions though, please let me know!


Hi Mark, I’m also getting the same issue, Can you please assist me

Hi @sanjeevkumar.anagandula

Could you please elaborate on the issue you are encountering?