Azure Web App "Legacy Mode"?

I just setup my first Azure Web App deployment- I have a single package that needs to be deployed as 3 different web apps in 2 different environments, Test and Production. The “Legacy Mode” seems to be the most efficient for me- I have 2 Azure Accounts, one each for Test and Production, along with 2 Resource Groups (App-Test and App-Production).
This allows for a simple set of Variables between 3 projects.

Non-Legacy mode would require a new Deployment Target for each App and Environment, essentially requiring a new Target Role per app. This seems like a huge step backwards from legacy mode.

  1. Is there any documentation on why it’s now a Legacy Mode? Perhaps I’m missing something?

  2. When/Is “Legacy Mode” going to be removed? This deployment will eventually span 11 Apps across 4 environments, and there’s no way I’m going to try and maintain 44 Deployment targets for a single deployment.

Legacy mode is tied to Management Certificate account that are deprecated on the Microsoft side.

They stopped working yesterday.
We had to migrate away from Legacy mode and now we use Deployment Target and Azure Principal accounts.

This blog post was explained why they introduced the Deployment Target model :

I’m not using a Management Certificate in my process, but I am binding Account, Resource Group, and Web App to variables so I don’t have to have 44 deployment targets.
I’m assuming this feature will go away soon, as the blog post makes it sound like I should be paying for all 44 deployment targets???

Hi @seanl ,
Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you here and I’m sorry to hear that the recent retirement of the legacy webapps in Azure have caused trouble here.

We appreciate your feedback on our pricing for Azure targets. In this case, you can contact our sales team by emailing who should be able to discuss other options for you here. Please feel free to link back to this discussion in your email to our sales team.

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