Azure Web App health check


I recently just updated to 2018.7.9 and my Azure Web Apps are now failing their health checks. The failure message is pretty straight forward

The azureserviceprincipal- account requires a tenanted deployment

Which is correct I do have tenanted deployments enabled on the account but that “logically” shouldn’t stop the health check from returning a success. Switching the account “Include only in tenanted deployments” to “Include in both tenanted and untenanted” allows the health check to work but obviously not ideal if I want to limit something to a tenant.

Any ideas on a way around that?


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately that is a bug that got introduced in 2018.7.8, when we did the update to allow the health checks for cloud targets to execute via a worker and a couple of the scoping scenarios on accounts got passed us.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and there is a fix on the way in the next patch.