Azure Web app deployment fails when "Remove additional files" is active because of NewRelic that is installed on Web app as an Extension

The problem is as mentioned in the subject.
Is there anyway to send the msdeploy supported command -skip during deployment? E.g: “-skip:absolutePath=newrelic”.

Hi Erik,

You can set an Octopus variable: Octopus.Action.Azure.PreservePaths.

This should be a ; separated list of regexes that will be used to select directories and files to preserve.
\\Component.*(\\.*|$) will preserve any paths beginning with \Component.

For a little bit of extra detail, see this comment.

Please let me know if this satisfies your requirements?


Thank you for the response.
That variable works like a charm!

Case closed :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome Erik.

For anyone else looking for this functionality, I have added a documentation page.