Azure Tentacle Extension setting installation parameters

Is it possible to change the various tentacle installation settings for --home and --app so that I can specify a non-system drive for the installation in a powershell installation or an ARM template? It defaults to C: and I’d like to make it E:.

At present I use an MSI then a command script to update the configuration to achieve the desired config.

(I’m a newbie to Octopus so please excuse me if I’ve missed an obvious solution).

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Using the extension by itself, it is not possible to change the --home nor --app settings. Its deliberately only exposes relatively few options, to limit complexity.

I would suggest taking a look at using the OctopusDSC resource to install and configure the Tentacle. This will allow the most customisation. We’ve got some further information around this, but no full example of an ARM template, unfortunately.

Hope that helps!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for that. I need to get a better understanding of Azure DSC and
incorporate this into a DSC configuration.



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Hi Stephen,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m not sure you were after for any more assistance with this, but just in case, I’ve put together a documentation page that shows how to use DSC to install the Tentacle via an ARM template…

Hope that helps! Feedback welcome :slight_smile: