Azure Tentacle Extension - Multiple instances on one machine


We use and love the Azure Tentacle Extension… We use it with scale sets and auto deploy constantly.

I am in the process of migrating more standalone machines to scale sets but hit a bit of a road block. How can I use the azure tentacle extension to configure multiple instances on a machine? We have a scenario where one machine runs two environments but different roles on the each of the instances.

So for example:
Instance 1 (same machine):
Environment Chris has roles App-A, App-B, App-C

Instance 2 (same machine):
Environment Ben has App-C only

Instance 3 (on a completely different machine)
Environmental Ben has App-A, App-B

I tried duplicating the Octopus Extension via our ARM template but it conflicts on the extension name.

I am guessing if it’s not possible I could be creative and have one instance in both environments + different roles for each environment + different deployment steps for each role and environment but that feels a bit hacky… Alternatively use: and write a deployment step to add the second instance.

Thoughts welcome.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately this is not something that you can do with the Azure Tentacle Extension directly. You will need to use OctopusDSC to achieve this. I can provide you with some links to get you going in the right direction here.

First is our OctopusDSC GitHub repo:
We also have a great blog post which covers OctopusDSC:
Finally our documentation on installing Tentacles with DSC:

Let me know if the above helps or if you find yourself needing any assistance. :slight_smile:

Best regards,