Azure service fabric upgrade issue

I just upgrade from 2018 to 2019.6.7 and now my azure SF deployments arent working the same.The DeployAzureServiceFabricApplication.ps1 isworking the same. Prior to the upgrade I had it set to force upgrade, the deployment would check if there service existed and if it did, it would upgrade and if it didnt it would create. Now on 2019 if the force upgrade is on and I dont have a service I get an error stating that the service doesn’t exist and the deployment fails. If I uncheck force upgrade it will deploy successfully but future ones will fail because the service exist and force inst on.

Hi @dhernandez,

Thanks for reaching out to us here at Octopus Deploy! I’m sorry that the recent upgrade to 2019.6.7 has caused some differences in these deployments for you.

There were a couple of changes to this logic recently that I’m investigating for you. I’m not sure how applicable they are to your scenario though.

To help me have the best chance of reaching a resolution for you - would you be able to supply your deployment task logs, and an export of your deployment process JSON?

We have a guide here for exporting your logs.

To export your process JSON, use the following screenshot as a guide

Please be advised that there may sensitive data in these exports, if this is a concern, feel free to share them with me via privately.

Kind regards,

Thanks Jim, I emailed you the information.

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