AWS S3 - Bucket key prefix is required?

I have setup an AWS S3 deploy step and I want all of the files to be extracted from the package and deployed to the root of the S3 bucket.

In order to accomplish this, I want to have the “Bucket Key Prefix” field left empty. However, this field is required by Octopus.

How can I deploy files from a package to the root of an S3 bucket without being forced to specify a key prefix?

I am running the latest version of Octopus, 2018.6.10.

Hi Dan, thanks for getting in touch.

I apologize for the slow response, this one has somehow fallen through the cracks. This is indeed an oversight on our behalf and I have created an issue here which will be addressed and available in a new release shortly.

In case you haven’t managed to work around this issue; you can do so by binding the bucket key prefix field to an empty variable.