AWS ECR Connection Problem

Hello all,

I need help.
I have transfered our local Octopus instance inside a VM on our own AWS Cloud.
Since that our external AWS ECR Feed doesn’t work.

Octopus Version: 2019.7.5
I have also installed aws-iam-authenticator, although this is not needed in the new version.
Proxy is configured and I have also access to our cloud from the VM.
I use the same credentials as on our old Server.

I do not currently know what I can check further.

Octopus Error Log:
System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: Unable to retrieve AWS Authorization token:
One or more errors occurred.
at Octopus.Core.Packages.AwsElasticContainerRegistry.AwsElasticContainerRegistryCredentials.GetAuthorizationData(String accessKey, String secretKey, String region)
at Octopus.Core.Packages.AwsElasticContainerRegistry.AwsElasticContainerRegistryCredentials.RetrieveTempoaryCredentials(String accessKey, String secretKey, String region, Boolean bypassCache)
at Octopus.Core.Model.AwsElasticContainerRegistry.AwsElasticContainerRegistryFeed.get_AwsCredentials()
at Octopus.Core.Model.AwsElasticContainerRegistry.AwsElasticContainerRegistryFeed.get_FeedUri()
at FluentValidation.Internal.Extensions.<>c__DisplayClass9_0`2.b__0(Object x)

Thanks for help

Hi @sascha.matz,

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you here. I may need to get some more details from you about this.

To start, where exactly are you seeing this error? Is it when you attempt to perform a Save and Test for the feed in Octopus?

Are you able to reconfirm the credentials in the feed and run a Save and Test?

If you are attempting to use the feed without performing a save and test on your new instance, it’s possible that Octopus is not caching the Auth token and causing the error you are seeing here. However if this is where you are seeing this error, let me know.

I’ll follow up with one of our developers to see if we can get and ideas of the cause.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.

Best regards,


the first Issue is solved. It was my fault.
I started the Octopus Server service not with an account with has access to AWS.
But now after the update to Version 2019.7.7 I need to restart the Service every day to get Access to AWS again.
I think the token is not automatically refreshed. Do you have an hint for me how i can fix this ?