Automatic Release Creation and multiple concurrent versions

If parallel development is in progress and one pushes, for example, both versions 1.1.x.x and 1.2.x.x for a certain package to the internal nuget package repository it seems like ARC only picks up on future version 1.2.x.x and ignores the older/current version 1.1.x.x.

Is that configurable somehow or do you have to go back to manual (possibly build automated) release creation?


Hi Ulf,

Long time no see! Currently ARC will get the latest packages as you mention. On the future we’ll be adding branching support which will help on these kind of scenarios. If you need to upload both 1.1.x.x and 1.2.x.x it might be best to go back to a build automated scenario.

Sorry for the trouble.


Ok, thanks.

Put my vote on the branching support, we always have at least two parallell development tracks active.


put my vote in for this too!!!
ARC is great. We just recently switched to using Git Flow, an d I configured my release and feature branches to use a different minor version number so we can identify release streams. I used the team city powershell script from the OD blog, so thanks for that, its great.

The issue is that since ARC seems to only create a release that is larger then all previous releases, I now have to revert back to my old approach for scripting the release creation. When means, I need to turn off the feature and put that code back into my build system, such a bummer to have to stop using something that works so well.

I vote for this too - we are doing API and html App development where we need multiple major/minor version deployed alone side each other.

Any idea when the branch awareness will be released?


Thanks for reaching out. It was released last week: . We’ve changed the name of the feature from “Branches” to “Channels”, but the idea is still the same.

Check that link for more information about usage and walkthroughs.