Automatic Deployment

I want to Deploy my Project Integrated with TFS so I have Add MSbuild Command at TFS AutoBuild and it also generates Nukpg File at Bin Folder and push feed in Library but after push nuget packag and after click automatic release creation . i am unable to deploy automatically .

Hi Megha,

When you push a package to your Octopus Server, is a release automatically created for that project?

If it is being created and you would like it to deploy automatically, you will need to configure your lifecycle to deploy automatically. You can find out how from our lifecycle documentation:

If a release isn’t being created automatically, are you pushing the package to the built-in Octopus Server NuGet repository?

I hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.


Thanks Shane,

Now its Working. My mistake is I am Not Updating my assembly version. That’s Why New Feed is not able to push Auto Release.

Ah, I’m glad you figured out what was happening.