Automatic deployment, different packages, different environments


Can someone help me figure this out. We have TC building and pushing a package to Ocotpus. For now, we have Develop, Stage builds being created. We push two different packages ProjectName.Develop.nupkg & ProjectName.Stage.nupkg. In Octopus It setup to automatically create a release when a new package is pushed the to repo. However you can only configure this for a single step, at the moment it does it for develop.

What i am trying to do is, when package ProjectName.Develop.nupkg is pushed, it runs the step to deploy to Develop environment, and when package ProjectName.Stage.nupkg is pushed it runs the step to deploy to Stage environment.

Is this possible?


Hi Steven,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d love to help you get this working! You’re correct, you can only configure Automatic Release Creation for a single channel. My suggested course of action is to use the TeamCity plugin. You can use the build runners to create releases and trigger deployments to specified environments. It gives you more control over where each package and build goes.

We have some more information on TeamCity integration and installing the plugin on our website.

Kind regards,



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