Automate Deployment Target Creation - How to create deployment target via API or Octopus Client?

I need to automate the creation of a deployment target via the Octopus API / Octopus Client.

I wonder if I am missing something, because I found nothing in the code samples here :thinking:

Any pointers please? I thought starting to inspecting the traffic from the UI how it gets created is my last resource :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Emil

We do have a couple of scripts on our OctopusDeploy-API repo that you can use for this -

For registering a machine running a tentacle, you can look at

For registering a machine as a SSH target, you can look at

I hope these help, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

Hi @Justin_Walsh,

I’ve just realised I haven’t given you enough information.

Tentacle setup is not applicable in my case as I am refering to Azure Web App Deployment Targets!

I should rephrase my question:

How to automate the creation of Azure Web App Deployment target?


I just found exactly what I am looking for, a powershell script on:

How to create Web/Function App Deployment target using existing Azure subscription

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