Audit Report URL

Maybe this is more of a user voice item, but maybe I’m missing a way to make the Audit report export far more useful. It would be nice if every entry, instead of simply listing the event id and project id, actually provided a URL to get back to the associated release. I looked at the API to see if I could construct a URL myself, but that doesn’t look possible or isn’t simple. Any help? I’d like to be able to give the audit report to auditors and then give them read only access so they can do their selections and not ask me for details on “Events-98262 Projects-221 8/8/2018 10:12:31 PM +00:00” Thanks!

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch! The most common scenario I see is where you set up an Auditors team which have Read access to most things (Projects, Environments, etc, whatever you feel they need) and the AuditView permission. This enables members of that team to navigate to Configuration > Audit, and use the rich filters, links etc of that Web UI.

Constructing all the links on the Web UI isn’t easy, you’re right, but it is possible with the information coming from the same API.

Regarding the export, it only contains IDs for Project/Environment/Tenant etc, which is potentially useful to a computer program, but it’s not very helpful for a human. Can you show me an example of “your dream audit log export”?

Hope that helps!

I’m not sure I have an example of a ‘dream’ audit log. I’d have to think about how much more useful the audit capability could be. Basically, though, if the CSV export included a full URI to the deployment page it’s tied to, we probably wouldn’t be having this chat and I wouldn’t be working on a PowerShell script to export the audit log and then augment it with that information. Something tells me I’m more likely to get you guys to add this feature than I am to get our auditors, onsite audit managers, and management to move towards self service. :slight_smile:

No harm if you can’t make it happen and it gets chucked into UV. Either way, audit requests are still a breeze to fulfill with Octopus.

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