Audit Not Working

Hey all,

We’re trying to use the Audit functionality, but it’s not working - the page is just not loading

The Audit has always been a bit slow, but I don’t recall seeing it just not work. Is there a known issue at the moment?

Full error…

Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Current transactions: Transaction 'GetEventAgents.GetEventAgents|0HMNP0DRJNDEA:00000002|T413' Open with 1 commands started at 2023-01-23T14:43:31 (60.02 seconds ago) 2023-01-23T14:43:31 SELECT DISTINCT [UserAgent] FROM dbo.[Event] WHERE UserAgent is not null AND NOT UserAgent = 'CommandLine' AND NOT UserAgent = 'Server' AND NOT UserAgent LIKE 'OctopusClient-js%' Transaction 'ListServerTasks.ListServerTasks|0HMNP0DRJNDCF:00000054|T168' Open with 3 commands started at 2023-01-23T14:44:31 (0.15 seconds ago) 2023-01-23T14:44:31 SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [dbo].[ServerTask] WHERE (((([SpaceId] in ('Spaces-1'))))) AND ([ProjectId] = @p1) 2023-01-23T14:44:31 SELECT aliased.Id,aliased.Name,aliased.Description,aliased.QueueTime,aliased.StartTime,aliased.CompletedTime,aliased.ErrorMessage,aliased.ConcurrencyTag,aliased.State,aliased.HasPendingInterruptions,aliased.HasWarningsOrErrors,aliased.ServerNodeId,aliased.ProjectId,aliased.EnvironmentId,aliased.TenantId,aliased.RunbookId,aliased.DurationSeconds,aliased.SpaceId,aliased.LastModified,aliased.BusinessProcessState,aliased.ServerTaskType,aliased.JSON FROM ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [QueueTime] DESC, [Id] DESC) AS RowNum, Id,Name,Description,QueueTime,StartTime,CompletedTime,ErrorMessage,ConcurrencyTag,State,HasPendingInterruptions,HasWarningsOrErrors,ServerNodeId,ProjectId,EnvironmentId,TenantId,RunbookId,DurationSeconds,SpaceId,LastModified,BusinessProcessState,ServerTaskType,JSON FROM [dbo].[ServerTask] WHERE (((([SpaceId] in ('Spaces-1'))))) AND ([ProjectId] = @p1) ) aliased WHERE ([RowNum] > @p2) AND ([RowNum] <= @p3) ORDER BY [RowNum] 2023-01-23T14:44:31 SELECT State, Count(*) AS Counter FROM (SELECT CASE WHEN HasPendingInterruptions = 1 AND [State] IN ( 'Queued', 'Executing' ) THEN 'Interrupted' ELSE [State] END AS State, SpaceId FROM ServerTask) AS _ WHERE ([SpaceId] IN ('Spaces-1')) GROUP BY State SQL Error -2 - Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Unknown error 258


Hi @dgard1981,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support. I’m sorry that you are running into this issue.

It looks like this is for your Octopus Cloud instance. I’ve had a quick look on our back end reporting and I can see a few timeouts here and there over the last week or so.

I’m happy to dig in and take a deeper look, but I’ll need permission from a listed admin on the subscription in order to access the cloud instance to do this.

Are you able to have an instance admin either reply to this thread or email to grant Octopus Support permission to access the instance and possibly run queries against the db to check performance?

Let me know at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

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