Append value to PackageId with Octopack

Hey folks,

In the scenario where multiple branches (for different environments, like
master, dev, staging) have their packages built using octopack, and they
are published to the same nuget feed (e.g. they are all being pushed to
Teamcity’s nuget feed), the packages will end up having the same id, which
will cause Octopus to pull the wrong package.

As a workaround for this issue, I sent a pull request to include a command line property to OctoPack that allows to append an arbitrary value to the PackageId. That way, the id can bee Foo.Dev, Foo.Staging etc

Is opening a pull request in the OctoPack repo the proper way to do this?

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the PR. OctoPack is open source so this is a very valid way to avoid our development lifecycle and get a change made.
I have created a task in GitHub that will be actioned within the next 2 weeks to evaluate and merge the PR
You can track it here: