API URL that includes api key?

I’m trying to improve our automated continuous deploy story and want to get a new “deploy build” to trigger if an earlier build created a new release in octopus.

We use CruiseControl (I know, I know…) and I want to use Url Triggers ((http://cruisecontrolnet.org/projects/ccnet/wiki/Url_Trigger). TL;DR, these build triggers work by polling a URL for changes and if there has been a change since the last hit, it will trigger a build. . I figured I would be able to use the /api URLs and in particular the releases endpoint.

However, I’m having difficulty passing credentials (I keep getting 401 Unauthorized)

I see from the source to Octo.exe that an API key can be passed as a custom header (X-Octopus-ApiKey), but I won’t be able to get that to work with the Out Of The Box CC.net url trigger because I only have an option to poll a URL.

Is there a way that I can pass credentials in the URL like basic auth can?

Hi Peter,

I’ll make a change in the next Octopus release so that the API key can be
passed as a query string parameter (e.g., ?apiKey=ABC123). There’s
currently no way to do this.


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
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Super stuff.