Any plans to officially support Desktop versions of Windows (7, 8 and 10)?

Subject says it all. I’m in need of a deployment solution for a fleet of automated service kiosks, but without official support I can’t even suggest Octopus Deploy to my team, even tho I really want to use it.


Thanks for getting in touch! Sadly we do not support any Desktop OS. The reason we don’t officially support these environments is they are not part of our testing matrix. While your case is probably more stable we can never assume that a desktop environment isn’t the cause of errors or deployment blocking failures. They are generally not as regulated or under governance that would give us confidence that there is a problem with the product versus environmental issues.

I can see in your case that these machines are probably regulated and can see the case but if we suggested that we supported those OSs (even for a Kiosk based system) we would have to support the base OS.

Sorry if this is not the news you are looking for.