Any plans for Master Project Templates that can be shared between projects?


I’ve seen a number of posts the relate to my question, but they didn’t appear to solve the problem and are now quite old.
So, I have setup a project with 7 steps in the Process. All the key parts of the deployment process are controlled by variables. This means, that once setup, I can simply use the Clone feature to create the next Project - and change the Variables. (Which is very easy to use).

Each Project is a different application, so has a different Package Source, and different target. In the similar questions asked by others, the solution has been to use Channels - but looking at the Channels feature, this is focused around versioning differences, not changing the Package Source.
We have 10 applications that will use exactly the same deployment process. Any time we change one step in one application, we potentially have to change the other 9 projects manually.

Are there any plans to create “master project templates”, that can be used by multiple projects and configured?


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