Any plans for an Octopus Terraform Provider?


I’m just wondering if there are any plans to create an officially supported Octopus provider for Terraform? Existing ones listed here

Like many others, we use Terraform to manage our cloud infrastructure and it would be great if we could create and manage our octopus setup in it too.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch. First, the short answer: No, we have no plans at present for an official Terraform Provider.

Now, the longer answer: We use Terraform internally in our Octopus Cloud offering, and we love it, and we’ve also recently released support for Terraform in Octopus Deployments.

We’ve discussed whether we should look at creating a provider, but at the moment we can’t prioritise it above other projects.

That said, we do already have an ‘Octopus As Code’ module, OctopusDSC, which we also use in Octopus Cloud, and we do support and encourage Open Source contributions, so if a community effort came together around a Terraform Provider, we’d be very happy.

We also have a UserVoice site, which we use to prioritise future work, so with enough interest from our users, plans could change.

Sorry it wasn’t just a simple “yes”!


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Thanks Jason! I’ve posted the idea in the uservoice.

For anyone interested in an Octopus Terraform provider, and wishes to vote it up, you can find the idea by clicking HERE.

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