Alternative way to move folders in bulk?

I read the article on how to move folders. Each folder requiring stop service, move, update config, start service.

Depending on the size of the MOVE operation this can take some time (especially the nuget repository folder). So my question is if this method would work:

  1. Set server on Maintenance mode.
  2. Copy all folders from location A to new location B.
  3. Script service shutdown + config update of all paths + service start.

Is this safe, or is there a risk there (data still being changed even if in maintenance mode)?

The folders to be moved are the repository folder, artifacts folder and task logs folder.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for getting in touch! Is your main concern about reducing the maintenance window you need to book for doing the move?

The safest way to guarantee the move without any data loss or interruption to service is to follow that guide.

One thing you could try if you are worried about downtime, and willing to take some risk:

  1. Configure an rsync or robocopy of those folders to the new location to get most of the files copied
  2. Enter maintenance mode (only System Administrators can change things)
  3. Run rsync or robocopy again to copy any updated or new files
  4. Stop/Reconfigure/Restart Octopus
  5. Test and finally delete the old folders

My concern with this process is that it is more complex, and depending on how you configure the copy, you could end up locking files when the running Octopus Server wants to write to them.

As a side note: we are currently improving our documentation on moving Octopus Server in a range of scenarios and hope to make those publicly available soon.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. This is the info I was looking for.

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Hi Thomas,

Fantastic! I would be interested to hear back from you after the migration to let me know how it went. :slight_smile:

Happy Deployments!

Hi Thomas,

How did your migration go? I’d be interested to hear if you ran into any problems, and what approach you ended up taking. :slight_smile:


Hi. We have not prioritized the move yet. I don’t think it will be done until I got time and my schedule is to full at the moment. But I will reply once it’s done.

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