Admin Password

Hi am new to octopus and I forget my admin password … How can i solve the issue

Hi Raja,

Thanks for getting in touch! The following documentation page shows how to reset your password from the command line:

Hope that helps!

Hello octoplus box I had 200 credits I’m having a password problem. No permission is given on your site. please help me
User: z.kapucu
Box card no: 020009895E


Hi @kpciletisim

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately you have contacted Octopus Deploy and not LG (who are the people behind the Octopus Box). We are unable to help you with your request.


i have forgotten my octoplus sever credits password.
my login raoufabdou2
please help


We are Octopus Deploy a deployment automation software company, and do not have any association with octoplus. You will have to contact the company that produces that hardware.