Adding Generic repo in artifactory to OCtopus

Hi Team,

I am Prabhjot working on Octopus Deploy. I am trying to add generic repo in artifactory to Octopus external feed. Since there is no generic type feed, I added maven type and try to test it and it is not working.

Please let me know where I have gone wrong.


Good afternoon @prabhjotkour.91,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and great question on external generic repositories for Artifactory.

Unfortunately we do not support a generic .zip type artifactory external feed as we only support .zip files for the Octopus built in feed. You can take a look at what is supported for feeds here.

Maven feeds do support .zip files so you should be able to use a .zip file with an artifactory maven feed and it should be picked up, we do have a blog post on consuming .zip files from a maven feed which I have included below so I would give that a read if you have not already as you cant just upload a .zip manually into the maven feed and it be consumed correctly by other software connected to that feed:

If you have followed the steps in that article and its still not working can we get some details of the process you are running through to put the .zip into the maven feed and what you are searching for in Octopus to be able to pick that up in the deployment.

You could also use the Octopus Built in feed and manually upload your .zip files there as they will be picked up in a deployment and you do not have to run any extra commands to upload the .zip files to the built in feed.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,