Adapt an old release

I am wondering how to handle production bug fixing. Our octopus project have several applications to deploy. We have different environment (dev, test, staging and production). One team for new feature and another for bug fixing and small improvement.
We create a new release for a new feature which generate a new application so a new step in our project.

When there is a bug to fix, the fix can be a code modification so a new nugget package or new variables and we have to create a new release in octopus.

Let’s say in production we have the release 1.0 and in dev we have the release 2.0. We create a release 1.0.1. how can i excute the deployment with the variables and process that was used for the release 1.0 and not use the ones uptodate (the 2.0) ?

The only way i see with the 2.6 version is :
- use octoclient to create a release with the same process/variables of an old release, do you have an example ?
- Create a new project and duplicates the variables (is there a way to clone a project in octopus ?)

I saw my problem would be solved with Branching support but i am looking for an alternative that i can implement more quickly.
thanks for your help

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
Short answer is yes, you can clone projects. I believe some of the ways that customers are currently managing this scenario is with 2 different projects.
From the UI under project settings is the clone project option.

Please let me know if this helps.

i am running the exact same issue, and found my own thread :). Do you have an example using octoclient to clone an old release ?

Cloning the project is becoming too difficult to manage.


Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for getting in touch! Hijacking your own thread :wink:

What version are you currently running? We think with channels you won’t need these complicated strategies anymore.
Let me know and I will run you through how we think you could set this up and configure it.