AD Lookups - Time Limit Exceeded

Hi, I’m running Octopus server 2019.12.0 LTS.

We’ve recently migrated this into Azure as part of a lift & shift migration, I’m now experiencing issues when adding new users/looking up AD security groups for team permissions - essentially the lookup just times out:

2021-10-29 15:29:34.3503 9496 169 ERROR Unhandled error on request: https://octopus/api/externalusers/directoryServices?partialName=[MyUser(Obfuscated)] fe6de2f4d5aa45f19e0c5669d090a74b by : The time limit for this request was exceeded.

I thought initially that this was due to a broken LDAP connection, but I can run a separate LDAP query tool as the service account (as mentioned LDAP Authentication - Octopus Deploy) and query against the AD - additionally I can login using my AD account and can see in netstat connections that the LDAP connections are ESTABLISHED.

I’m unable to find anything useful here.

Also note that I don’t have the ‘LDAP Authentication’ Setting available to me and only the ‘Active Directory’ Setting is available (older version of OctopusDeploy perhaps?).

Appreciate any help here,


Hi @robdb2025,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

Since 2019.12.0 is a pre-LDAP compatible version, if you haven’t already, I would suggest running through our AD troubleshooting guide: Troubleshooting Active Directory integration - Octopus Deploy

In the guide, we have scripts available to help isolate any configuration issues.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Thanks Donny,

I’ve ran the scripts as the Service Account that runs the OctopusDeploy service and interestingly I’m able to pull down a list of groups based on the user specified in the script.

When doing this from Octopus itself, it doesn’t work and I just receive the timeout - very strange.

I might look at having another server spun up to test if this issue occurs there.


Hi @robdb2025,

Thank you for getting back to me.

If you haven’t already, it may be worth checking the Windows event logs to see if there is any correlation between the timeouts and something environmental on the machine Octopus Server is installed on.

I’d be interested to hear if this behavior occurs on a test instance as well.

Let me know what you find out.

Best Regards,

Thanks Donny,

Doesn’t appear to be any Windows events in any of the main logs around the time of the timeouts.

I’ll try to get the test system setup and will let you know - could very well be an environmental issue here, as was fine prior to the migration.


Totally bizarre…

I’ve found that If I click the Search button when linking a user to an AD account (or on the Teams menu pulling in a AD security group) it will show the below error roughly 3 times.
‘The time limit for this request was exceeded.’
One more attempt and I’ll actually get the results back?!

No idea what’s happening here as bypassing Octopus and using the scripts as I’ve said pulls back AD groups of the user defined in the script first time every time.

Either way will try a test machine and see if the same occurs.


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